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What are the critical competencies for required for successful consultative sales people? Research tells us top sales people succeed in 8 key competencies. How do your sales people measure against these competencies?

1) Energetic- meaning, at a high level the person is enthusiastic, works hard and puts forth visible effort to succeed. At the low, undesirable end lacks urgency and is slow to complete work!
2) Optimistic- meaning that the individual maintains a positive, optimistic outlook and is able to weather adversity well. On the low side, is negative and pessimistic.
3) Resilience-meaning that the person is thick-skinned and is able to handle rejection and criticism well. Low is sensitive to rejection and criticism.
4) Follow-through-meaning that the person completes tasks and keeps his/her promises and commitments. Low is undependable.
5) Assertive- meaning that the individual possesses a confident sales presence and is able to manage the sales process. Low is difficulty exerting influence or asking for the sale.
6) Social- meaning the person is outgoing and enjoys client/customer contact. Low reflects more of a loner, shy.
7) Expressive- meaning a free and easy conversational style. Low is more reserved, may have difficulty displaying enthusiasm.
8) Responsible- meaning serious-minded, businesslike and professional. Low makes decisions too quickly or takes unnecessary risks.

Knowing these factors can certainly point you in the right direction when you need to hire a sales person to fill a territory. Determining the mix of these factors in a prospective candidate is a little more challenging. Recent research from Michigan State University has shown interviews to be only 14% accurate. Using assessment tools can make selection of the best candidates much more effective and efficient when combined with behavioral interviewing, reference and background checks (where appropriate).

SalesMax, a predictive sales hiring & development tool identifies an individual’s competency level in each of these key dimensions.

SELECT is a predictive hiring tool designed specifically for hiring inside sales people who focus on both inbound sales and outbound sales calls.

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