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People Strategy

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness begins with a clearly articulated strategy of how to win in the market (remain or become the leader) with a segment of customers. That established, sales effectiveness at the territory level is the result of building a sufficient quantity of high quality relationships with prospects and customers multiplied by an adequate number of opportunities closed that equals or exceeds revenue targets. Simply put,

Opportunity X Closing Ratio = $$$$$

Once we have the right sales people, there are critical skill and knowledge sets that must be mastered to reach their potential. Depending on each companies Sales Process, there are either three or four sets of P Skills to be learned and utilized.

P1 – Prospecting - This one is variable depending on each company’s method of lead generation. If your company requires sales people to prospect, each person needs to learn how and have the support materials and follow-through ability to manage the prospecting process.

P2 – People - The ability to establish rapport and trust with prospects, clients and co-workers is crucial to success. In today’s world where product superiority is measured in weeks, the trusting relationships you are able to grow and maintain are very often the difference in winning business.

P3 – Process - Success in sales is no accident. The ability to synchronize your sales approach with the prospect company’s buying cycle is critical. Knowing which pertinent questions to ask, planning, developing and maintaining relationships with multiple buying influences within a company coupled competitive knowledge is a learnable set of competencies.

P4 – Product - Still today, in the 21st Century, what most sales people get for sales training in most companies is disguised as product training. Now, it is important for sales people to understand their products. What they need to understand about their products is NOT how they work and loads of specifications. No, what they need to know is what customer problems do they SOLVE? And, HOW MUCH is that solution worth in dollars and cents to the client? Consultative selling is about understanding client businesses and how your products and services accelerate the circulation of capital in those client companies.

Peak Performance Associates are experts at defining a company’s sales process and aligning the sales people’s skills to consistently achieve revenue targets!


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