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People Strategy

simulation pictureBusiness Acumen

Business acumen is now a fundamental skill for all people in business today!  Those fundamentals include a basic knowledge of the “cash to cash” cycle, the impact of operational decisions on the financial success of the business and the importance of understanding how each functional area or department “fits” together for organizational growth.

Our business acumen simulations are a powerful way to learn how companies make money.  In a hands-on simulation that takes the mystery out of business finance, participants learn how decisions made impact the bottom line and how cash flow affects scarce resources.   By understanding this, they are then able to make meaningful contributions to the organization and perform their job more effectively and efficiently.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if developing the business acumen of your employees would be beneficial to your business:

  • Are you asking your people to do more with less?
  • Is competition getting tougher?
  • Are key decisions being made at lower levels in the company?

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop business acumen at all levels of the organization.
  • Build a common vision and language throughout the company.
  • Communicate key messages during times of change
  • Understand how daily decisions impact the organization operationally, strategically and financially.
  • Use resources where they will do the most good
  • Identify improvements to business operations systems & processes.

Business Simulation Overview Information

Business Reality 101TM

Business Reality ‑ 101™ is an intensive, experiential Business Simulation which challenges people to manage their own "Company" over 2 simulated years.  This 3-4 hour process engages participants in a case study simulation where they gain understanding of key financial measures, cash flow, managing resources, cost of sales, overhead, accounts receivable and much more.


Ca$h FlowTM Simulations

CASH FLOW simulations are designed to help companies …

  • Understand how cash moves through the company.
  • Experience the financial impact of operational efficiency.
  • Understand the cause and effect relationship between company departments.
  • Recognize the effect of excessive costs on profitability.
  • Understand the impact of lean manufacturing (manufacturing version).
  • Understand key financial metrics of the company.
  • Provide a holistic visualization of the business.
  • Get everyone thinking like an “owner.”


Strategic Simulations

Our strategic simulations are very intensive, competitive simulations designed to develop business acumen including:

  • Understand the reality of various strategies such as investments in quality improvement, efficiency, flexibility and research and development.
  • Discover the reality of the most probable competitive responses to initiatives launched in the market place.
  • Understand the reality of being a market leader (or NOT being a market leader).
  • Understand the reality of a strong relationship between sales and marketing and production.
  • Discover the relationship between the strategies and decisions employed and financial impact to the company.

Strategic Simulations include:

Reality simulations are trademarks of Business Methodologies International, Ltd. Peak Performance Associates is a Business Partner of BMI.


Tango is a unique two day business simulation. Working in 4 person teams, participants become the management team of an organization to run for 7 business cycles – pursuing its strategy to maximize profitability. As a result of this workshop, participants are given the tools & skills to effectively manage and improve the intangible assets of the organization – people, image, know-how or competence. Tango provides a common, visual based model and vocabulary. Teams compete against other teams for customers and employees, choosing their business strategy and managing their tangible & intangible assets for long-term financial results. Most importantly, participants learn to strike a balance between attracting the right employees and customers and ensuring adequate profits & cash flow. Tango demonstrates that none of these factors exists in isolation and a change in any one factor can radically affect the organization’s position in both the customer and employee markets which eventually affects profitability. What emerges is a clear understanding of how these factors affect an organization.

Who is this for?
• Companies who want to improve their organization’s profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace.
• Companies who want to create an environment where staff is energized & inspired.

Anticipated Results
• Participants will be able to identify, measure and manage intangible assets to create long-term profitability.
• Understand how to create a market image which attracts the “right clients.”
• Understanding of the real value of employees & customers to the company.

TANGO is a trademark of Celemi. Peak Performance Associates is a Celemi Solution Provider.

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