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People Strategy

Sane Person’s Guide to Working With Everyone Else ®

The Sane Person’s Guide to Working with Everyone Else® is a communication process which integrates behavioral assessment, computer-based CD support and workshop. It is designed for individuals or teams to identify their individual communication style, the communication style of those they work with and how to communicate more effectively with each other to improve productivity and get beyond the interpersonal challenges that so often plague teams and organizations.

Who is this for?
• Staff, Managers & Executives who want to dramatically improve communications & mutual understanding to enhance workforce effectiveness & productivity
• Teams who need to work more effectively together

Anticipated Results
• Opportunity for greater respect & trust within the organization when people are willing to listen to the differing perspectives of others within their team or organization.
• Greater understanding of each other.
• Fewer interpersonal conflicts which allows for greater productivity and a more harmonious work environment.

Peak Performance Coaching Process

In its simplest form, coaching is merely helping another person develop & grow. In Peak Performance Coaching, the manager/supervisor learns the tools and skills to shift from an “authoritarian” approach of managing people to how to help people grow through a supportive coaching effort.

Coaching can be done in a variety of ways. Each individual or situation may respond more effectively to one style of coaching versus another. This program teaches the manager or supervisor how to identify what style of coaching to apply to each individual situation.

Who is this for?
• Companies who need to improve the effectiveness of individuals
• Managers or supervisors who are responsible for getting the best out of their staff

Anticipated Results

• Great managers who create a motivating environment for their staff by coaching individuals they way they need to be coached.
• Greater productivity.
• More clarity of expectations because of an environment of continuous feedback.


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